Amazing Spider-Man #4, First Appearance of Silk

I seem to be writing a lot about Spider-Man lately. I guess that’s what happens when Dan Slott writes a mythology-changing story arc that defies all expectations and receives widespread critical acclaim.

Anyway, I said a short time ago that Amazing Spider-Man #1 is probably not a collectible book. At least, it’s not a book that’s going to significantly increase in value any time soon… or ever.

However, if you read ASM #1, you know there was a teaser in there for a new character. The concept is that for years we’ve all assumed that the radioactive spider that bit Peter Parker died immediately afterwards. Apparently, we thought wrong. Slott shows us the spider bite a young woman right after it bit Peter.

Apparently, this is the introduction of a new character named Silk who will make her first full appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #4.


Now, who knows if Silk is going to be an interesting character, but the origin story alone is intriguing. If Silk turns out to be cool, then Amazing Spider-Man #4 might be the comic book worth money.


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