Dr. Strange Movie “News”

I saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier over the weekend. (No spoilers here). Pretty good movie. Better than Thor: The Dark World, probably as good or a little better than Iron Man 3.

There was a little speculation nugget tucked into the film that I thought was worth mentioning.

At one point in the film some bad guys have occasion to list off some people who might one day get in the way of their evil agenda. One of the names on that list: Stephen Strange.


Rumours of a Dr. Strange movie have been circulating online for about a year. The Master of the Mystic Arts makes good sense as a next move for Marvel.

The fact that Dr. Strange was referenced in the newest Marvel movie doesn’t mean a film is imminent. It does mean Marvel’s movie people are thinking and talking about it.

Dr. Strange’s first appearance is Strange Tales #110 (1963). It’s not affordable for your average collector. Even low grade copies will run you over $1,000. Unfortunately, that’s also the first appearance of Nightmare, one of Strange’s main nemeses.

However, as I said before, the first appearance of Mephisto is pretty widely available on eBay and it’s more reasonably priced. Mephisto is, to my mind, Marvel’s preeminent supernatural bad guy. If Marvel keeps making movies, he’s bound to show up sooner or later.


As of right now there’s a 9.2 CGC graded copy of Silver Surfer #3 available on eBay for under $450. Raw, mid-grade copies are much cheaper. They’re not free, but $50-$150 will get the job done. It’s a bit of an investment, but I consider it a good bet to increase in value, particularly if a Dr. Strange movie trilogy becomes a reality.

Incidentally, The Winter Soldier has already earned more money than the first Captain America movie, meaning Marvel isn’t going to stop making films any time soon.

Copper and Chrome


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