Update: Another Marvel Character to Watch

Last week I wrote about a few Marvel characters that might be worth watching from a collecting and speculating standpoint. Since then I’ve thought of one more I should have included.

Marvel has committed itself to another X-Men movie after Days of Future Past. It’s also announced another Wolverine movie is in the works. We’ve already seen many of our favourite second-tier and second-generation mutants on the big screen: Gambit, Emma Frost, Kitty Pryde. We haven’t yet seen Jubilee.


Jubilee is an appealing character for Marvel for a few reasons. As I mentioned in my discussion of Silver Sable. Marvel is obviously looking to add diversity to its films (Witness Michael B. Jordan as the Human Torch). Jubilee is both a minority character and another female hero Marvel can add to the mix.

Jubilee’s connection to Wolverine is also promising. Logan has always had little sister characters in the comic books. Kitty Pryde and Jubilee are the two characters who’ve occupied that role. Rogue played that part in Bryan Singer’s first X-Men films. With more X-Men and more Wolverine movies on the way, there are multiple opportunities for Jubilee to show up on screen.

Jubilee first appeared in The Uncanny X-Men #244. That comic can be had for peanuts on eBay right now. Some people are selling it for $30 and $40, but others are putting it up for auction and it’s fetching $1-$5. I picked up a F/VF copy out of a back-issue bin for $4.00 about a month ago. See what you can find.

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