First Appearance of Quentin Quire Significantly Undervalued

A little while back, I wrote about the virtues of Grant Morrison’s X-Men run. Here I want to talk a bit more about one of the highlights of that run, the first appearance of Quentin Quire in New X-Men #134.


The most sought after comics from a collecting standpoint are the first appearances of significant characters. The more significant the character, the more valuable his or her first appearance. Slowly but surely, Quentin Quire is making a reputation for himself. Most recently, Quentin Quire was one of the focal points of Jason Aaron’s Wolverine and the X-MenHe’s also making cameos in other X-books.

Quentin (also known as Kid Omega) has telepathic abilities akin to Jean Grey’s. There are indications within X-mythology that he will eventually host the Phoenix force. His schtick is basically that he’s a prick. He gets off on being contrarian and getting underneath Wolverine’s skin. He’s one of the of the most interesting characters added to the X-canon in recent years, and since his first appearance occurred a decade ago, he clearly has staying power.


The X-Men are a bluechip property, significant additions to the mythology are sure to gain value over time. The Lyria Exchange tracks trends on eBay. Recently on Twitter @LyriaExchange has noted the following trends re: the first appearances of Gambit and Psylocke, respectively:

Another point of comparison: Fantomex also appeared in Morrison’s New X-Men run (#128), and that comic is currently going for about $30.00 on eBay.


You can snag Quentin Quire’s first appearance for $5.00, and in some cases less if you get it as part of a run. It’s probably a good time to stock up, because it doesn’t look like Quire is going anywhere.

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One thought on “First Appearance of Quentin Quire Significantly Undervalued

  1. I got his first appearance in back issue form literally 6 days ago for $2.50 at my local comic shop. I’m recollecting (among others) Morrison’s run, and they’ve got pretty much the entire thing there for just above cover. They’re also about to have a giant tent sale, where X-Men stuff is fairly prevalent (though a good portion of it is from the 90s), so maybe I’ll try my luck at that before I drop money for bagged and boarded backissues.

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