Speculation: Keep Your Eye on Spawn #1

So, in this recent interview over at ComicBook.com McFarlane says he’s working on an R-rated script for a Spawn movie. Obviously if the script isn’t yet written the film is still a ways off, and there’s always a chance that McFarlane gets distracted with other projects. But right now signs point to a Spawn movie sometime this decade. 

You may remember a Spawn film back in 1997. It wasn’t good. It seems like McFarlane is ready to take another kick at the can. And with all the success that superheroes have been having on the big screen as of late, you can bet Hollywood will be interested.

All of this is to suggest that you should keep your eye on Spawn #1. It’s price on eBay is all over the place, but you can probably score one for less than $15, definitely less than $20.



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