What’s Wrong With Reboots?

An hour ago I was in a discussion forum reading some fan reaction to the All New Marvel Now! reboot.

People posting over there were decidedly pissed. There was no ambiguity. No “let’s wait and see” comments. The odd thing to me is that a lot of people seemed to be saying, “Marvel is rebooting things again. This is bullshit!”

But why? Honest question. What’s the big deal? Why, for example, is it a problem if Marvel restarts Wolverine every time a new creative team signs on to do the book? Seriously, why the knee-jerk, reboots are bad reaction?

I explored this a bit in a post on Ret-Con Anxiety awhile back. I get that people don’t like to see favourite characters and character mythologies rebooted out of existence. But this message board angst seemed like something else.

To be honest it seemed a bit like stereotypical hipster speak: “Everything new sucks! Everything old was way better!” Do comic book fans suffer from some of that?

Look, reboots are obviously about capitalism. Maybe at the root of it, that’s what people are uncomfortable with. I sympathize with that (I’m pissed off about “The Trial of Jean Grey,” for example). But let’s not pretend that comics were ever not about money. They’ve always been about money. The industry has just figured out that reboots are an effective way to make money. And listen, sue me, but I don’t think that necessarily gets in the way of telling a good story.

Lots of people hate the New 52, but everybody loves Snyder’s Batman, right? So maybe reboots aren’t automatically bad. It’s about whether or not you tell a good story. Always has been; always will be.


2 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With Reboots?

  1. The dumbest part? It’s not a reboot. A lot of books are being relaunched, but all the old continuity is still in place. What DC did with the New 52 was a reboot – they effectively reset everything. What Marvel’s doing is basically just a branding thing. The first Marvel Now! effort did fairly well, in terms of both quality and sales. So far, the All-New Now! titles are looking really good in terms of quality; we’ll see how the sales go.

    So, yeah. The people complaining about the Marvel reboot are just idiots.

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