Kitty Pryde, Jean Grey, and All-New Heartbreak

I’ve been enjoying Brian Michael Bendis’ All New X-Men for a while now. I like the premise; I think the characters and dialogue are excellent. I’ve especially enjoyed the relationship between Jean Grey and Kitty Pryde, who has taken the old/new X-Men under her wing. It works so well because Kitty used to be the “little sister” of the team and Jean was the mega-powerful mutant authority figure. Now Kitty is the experienced one and she’s doing all she can to help a teenaged Jean come to grips with her Phoenix future/past.

That’s all been great, but lately the series has taken a turn for the worse. Mostly, I’m a little cheesed off about the “Trial of Jean Grey” story that’s part of the All New Marvel Now Reboot. The arc is a cross-over with Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s a six-issue arc, which means if I want to read it I’ve gotta buy THREE ISSUES of Guardians of the Galaxy. What!? Sorry, no.

I get that Marvel is trying to push GotG in advance of the movie. But three issues? C’mon. To make matters worse, this cross-over is coming on the heels of this fall’s 10-part “Battle of the Atom” cross-over. I didn’t mind “Battle of the Atom” so much because I was already buying three X-books, which is probably normal practice for your average X-Fan. So “Battle of the Atom” meant I was buying about four extra books over the course of two months. The story was decent, so no big deal.

But now, after three mediocre stand alone issues with sub-par art you’re going to try to get me on the hook for another cross-over event? One which requires some pretty silly storytelling in the setup.

Also, you’ve absolutely ruined the team’s costumes. Painfully generic multi-coloured costumes? Are you kidding me? These might be the worst costumes in comics? How does more than one person think this is a good idea?


Hey, maybe you can fix them by giving all the team members spiffy helmets. Kind of like…


Yes! Exactly. Heroic. Not at all juvenile.

Long story short this may be enough to drive me away from a series I’ve loved over the past year. It’s a shame and a real miscalculation on the part of the X-Editors and Bendis.


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