Review: Shadowman #13

So I read my first Shadowman comic this week, and I really enjoyed it. Valiant has been marketing the hell out of this issue, trying to convince new readers to jump on with the new creative team. As I’ve mentioned, I’ve really enjoyed Archer & Armstrong, so I thought I’d give another Valiant title a try. I wasn’t disappointed. Other than Manifest Destiny, this might have been my favourite title this week.

This comic had a great feel to it. It reminded me a bit of 90s Spawn comics – dark, moody, just cool. Robert De La Torre’s art is spectacular.


It’s always a little disorienting to jump into a series in the middle of things. I still don’t quite understand the relationship between Shadowman and Boniface. (What’s a “loa”?) But the comic did a decent job of establishing the characters and the basic plot. The premise here is that Boniface is trying to sever himself from his Shadowman alter-ego with the help of a voodoo priestess. Things don’t quite go as planned, but it’s a fun ride. I’ll be adding Shadowman to my pull list. If you can still get your hands on a copy, I’d recommend checking it out.


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